Organization, Luxury Miami Magazine

Luxury Miami Magazine, established by Jordan French in 2023, is the premier lifestyle publication dedicated to capturing the essence of Miami’s luxury lifestyle. With a focus on opulence, sophistication, and innovation, Luxury Miami provides readers with an insider’s view of high-end living, fashion, and entrepreneurship.

Committed to showcasing the unique luxury culture of Miami, we curate content that embodies elegance, creativity, and dynamism. Our goal is to serve as the ultimate resource for those interested in exploring the luxurious lifestyle synonymous with Miami, covering everything from extravagant real estate to cutting-edge fashion and influential business figures.

Through captivating storytelling, insightful articles, and stunning imagery, we strive to immerse our audience in the world of luxury. Whether uncovering the latest trends, revealing hidden treasures, or spotlighting key figures shaping the city’s elite circles, Luxury Miami Magazine is dedicated to celebrating the vibrancy and allure of Miami’s luxury scene.

Company Information

Inception Date: June 1, 2023
Headquarters: Apollo Beach, Florida
Founder: Jordan French