Fitbit is upgrading its Android app with a new feature amalgamating health data from various devices and platforms. This functionality offers a holistic review of users’ health and fitness parameters. The updated Android app permits users to collate their health data in one location, fostering a more personalized health profile.

The latest feature will let users view health and fitness statistics from other apps within the Fitbit environment. This update makes syncing and integrating health data from different sources automatic, enabling users to view their wellness metrics in one place. This feature also eases data flow, arming users for better-informed health decisions.

Users can exploit this update by navigating to the ‘Today‘ feed, which allows Fitbit access to their overall health data and specifies the metrics they wish to track. Customizable wellness reports are another advantage; users can choose to monitor parameters like cardiovascular fitness, sleep patterns, and step count. In addition, the ‘Health Metrics’ dashboard enables a deeper analysis of statistical trends and comparative data.

Under the ‘You’ tab in the ‘Records’ segment, users can view their health statistics, including Steps, Distance, Floors, Exercise, and Calories burned.

Integrated health data on Fitbit app

They have the flexibility to personalize these stats according to their needs. Moreover, the feature allows them to compare their own data against national or global averages, encouraging them to set personal health targets. The updated data can also be shared with healthcare professionals for additional insights.

For example, steps recorded on a device from another provider and a Fitbit can be combined for a total count, available under the integrated health tile in the ‘You’ tab. The interface allows users to navigate between tabs and personalize their fitness tracking experiences easily. The ‘Community’ and ‘Discover’ tabs promote a more dynamic fitness journey with the ability to connect with friends, join groups and access helpful fitness coaching and articles.

However, Fitbit devices will only display Fitbit data and not any integrated health statistics. Likewise, Fitbit badges cannot be won using data from integrated health sources. This feature is currently available on two versions of the Fitbit app and is planned for wider roll-out soon.

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