A man has found a small fortune in memorabilia and trading cards after an elderly relative let him dig through ‘his old junk’.

Attics and the boxes that remain untouched for decades generally host a horde of unwanted items, for one lucky Reddit user, they would hide the motherload of Magic The Gathering items.

Phantom-Z is the moniker the person goes by and says “My grandpa let me go through his ‘junk’ and let me have these ‘old cards’ he never bothered to open.”

My grandpa let me go through his “junk” and let me have these “old cards” he never bothered to open.
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A small fortune in shrink-wrap

The “junk” in question turned out to be the highly prized 1993 Unlimited set and 1994 Revised set of Magic The Gathering.

Both of these sets are coveted by card geeks the world over and can fetch up to $12 – 15 thousand dollars per unsealed or shrink-wrapped pack.

Not only would the user find the rare and untouched packs, but he would also discover that the printing of some of the packs contained errors. This means the price point and rarity for the offshoot prints would be worth a lot more to seasoned collectors.

These error packs are referred to as “God Packs” and are highly sought after as they contain a printing error that has generated a pack full of rare cards instead of the common ones that appear through the normal packs.

The post’s owner would tell the thread on Reddit “I was never going to open them (the cards), and am not going to! They are being kept in a cool, dark, dry place. Many of you mentioned good options in terms of (selling), and I’m weighing my options.”

Magic The Gathering like many card games has coveted cards like the Black Lotus, which can fetch up to $511,100. The card’s creator Christopher Rush sadly passed away, but his legacy lives on in the prized Alpha print of the Black Lotus.

The cards that the Reddit user acquired can sell for a lower price point than some of the Alpha versions of the card game but will still command a hefty price. The sealed Unlimited Starter deck could rake in nearly $30,000 if the pack is sealed.

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