Nashville, Tennessee(Hexa PR Wire–February 1, 2024)Freedom Company, a new innovative American lifestyle brand, today revealed their line of elevated wardrobe essentials. The brand’s premium foundational apparel pieces are ethically sourced, exceptionally designed, and tech-enabled. From premium tees to luxe crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies for men and women in a versatile palette, Freedom Company offers carefully crafted versions of the pieces we all reach for on an almost daily basis. Freedom Company is the first brand to combine the powerful benefits of patent-pending virtual fitting technology and made to order manufacturing to create a new approach to sustainable fashion. 

“These are timeless American-made styles created with locally sourced cotton in limited collections, meant to serve as the base pieces of a curated wardrobe you can confidently wear on repeat,” said Freedom Company Chief Operating Officer Danny Pippin. “We believe that beautiful design should also be built to last, which is why you will only find designs that check every box from look to comfort to fit.” 

Freedom Company - The Hoodie Avatar
Freedom Company – The Hoodie Avatar

Freedom Company uses cutting-edge technology to bring garments to customers in a way that’s good for their lifestyle and the planet. Part of this innovative process includes the use of made to order manufacturing where each item is created in the moments after an order is placed – meaning reduced backstock and textile waste – while still getting pieces into customer hands in a matter of days. Combined with the power of Couture Technologies’ AI-powered virtual fitting to empower customers to choose and receive their preferred fit the first time, the operations of Freedom Company marks a new path when it comes to sustainable fashion. 

“We wanted to create a space where the latest innovations in fashion technology could be perfected and rolled out to customers, and the best area for us to test this out was by improving on the most basic garments we all know and love. Anyone can make a T-shirt, but it takes a true innovator to improve on and perfect the user experience of buying one,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Deanna Meador. 

Freedom Company is led by the team at Couture Technologies, the leading virtual fitting technology that helps apparel companies reduce returns, increase conversions, and grow their business by ensuring customers get the right fit the first time. All garments from Freedom Company are enabled with this virtual try-on technology, allowing customers to find their

preferred fit based on an AI-powered technology suite that accurately reflects the garment measurements and combines them with those of the customer’s own body through simple measurements or two quick photos. By leading an apparel brand, Couture creates a testing environment for the most powerful innovations in apparel technology. 

Freedom Company’s debut collection will be available for order starting January 19, 2024 at, where customers can try out Couture’s virtual fitting technology to ensure customers get the fit they prefer when the item arrives on their doorstep. For more information, please visit and

About Freedom Company 

Freedom Company is an innovative American lifestyle brand creating elevated wardrobe essentials with classic style that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. As the first step in the future of retail, Freedom Company uses cutting-edge technology to bring elevated basics to your doorstep in a way that’s good for you and good for the planet. Its timeless American-made styles featuring locally, ethically sourced cotton and limited collections, meant to serve as the base of a curated wardrobe you can confidently wear on repeat. It’s fewer pieces at the highest quality that fit beautifully. By leveraging Couture Technologies’ leading virtual fitting solution, you can see how different sizes of each garment will fit on your body – all by entering a few measurements or taking two quick photos. By also utilizing on-demand manufacturing, Freedom Company reduces backstock and textile waste, making it a more sustainable option. 

About Couture Technologies 

Couture Technologies is the leading virtual fitting technology that helps apparel companies reduce returns, increase conversions and grow their business by providing an enhanced customer experience that ensures customers or employees get the right fit the first time. The company is best-known for their capabilities in creating authentic 3D virtual products using ProductX, FitVisualizer™ technology to gather customer measurements using MeasureX, or provide a full virtual fitting experience using VisualizeX. Based in Nashville, TN, Couture Technologies is a female and minority-owned business.

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