San Francisco, California(Hexa PR Wire–July 19, 2023)Pure Ventures, previously known as Alpha Bridge Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm committed to promoting the growth and well-being of founders, has announced the completion of their $20 million Fund II. This capital infusion enables Pure Ventures to maintain its core focus on founder mental health and wellness. The firm also expands its team, with Alicia Zeng coming on board as the Director of Operations.

Team Expansion and Focus on Founder Wellness

Pilea, Logo
Pilea, Logo

The enhanced resources facilitate the provision of access and subsidies to an array of personalized services for portfolio companies. These services are available via Pilea, an integrative leadership and wellness coaching platform, co-founded by Dr. Kari Sulenes and Pure Ventures. The platform had previously operated under the name Atlas.

Pure Ventures operates on the belief that healthy founders lead to healthy returns. The firm has demonstrated its investment acumen, creating a diverse portfolio including early-stage companies such as Atomos, Juneshine, Oats Overnight, Zbiotics, and MUD/WTR.

A New Approach to Venture Capital

Howie Diamond, Managing Director and General Partner at Pure Ventures, shares that the firm’s strategies have stood the test of time, emphasizing the importance of founder well-being in sustainable company success. “The incorporation of Pilea’s platform and the addition of Alicia to our team,” Diamond adds, “affirms Pure Ventures’ commitment to a more human-centered, less transactional approach to investment.”

Pure Ventures and Pilea strive to foster a new culture in venture capital, aspiring to redefine success to include personal well-being alongside financial growth. They offer dedicated support teams to help founders navigate common entrepreneurial challenges including stress, anxiety, financial hardship, and depression.

Introducing Pilea: Fostering Wellness and Leadership

Pilea, now operating independently, offers a tailored approach to promoting healthy interpersonal dynamics, resilience, and personal and professional development among founders and leaders. Pilea and Pure Ventures provide support to entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish work environments that are mutually beneficial for all involved parties.

Alicia Zeng Director of Operations at Pure Ventures
Alicia Zeng Director of Operations at Pure Ventures

Alicia Zeng, the newly appointed Director of Operations, offers her perspective on the founder’s journey. “In early-stage investing, much of our diligence criteria focuses on assessing the resilience, problem-solving ability, and adaptability of the founding team. It only makes sense for us to invest resources beyond capital to support founders throughout their journey,” she states.

With a decade of strategic and operational experience in consumer brands, Alicia brings a wealth of expertise to Pure Ventures. She runs an ecommerce startup, Lilac St., and previously held positions at Google and McKinsey.

About Pure Ventures

Pure Ventures is a California-based, early-stage VC firm run by seasoned General Partners and experienced operators. The fund invests in consumer sectors and in deeper tech realms such as Defense, Energy, Biotech, AI, Robotics, Aerospace, and more. Pure Ventures also operates a world-class founder support program, Pilea, dedicated to enhancing founder health, wellness, and leadership development.

Pure Ventures, Logo
Pure Ventures, Logo

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