TerraClear, a farm-tech startup, recently secured $15 million in funding to enhance its specialized stone removal services for farmlands. The injection of capital will primarily be used towards bolstering sales expansion and cultivating partnerships with original equipment manufacturers. This strategic move is expected to accelerate TerraClear’s progress and deepen market penetration.

Key contributors to this funding round include Madrona Venture Group, TerraClear’s CEO, and various angel investors—a continuation of the company’s previous $25 million Series A funding round in May 2021. The funds raised are largely credited to TerraClear’s innovative farm automation technology, which has garnered significant attention from investors. These funds will further the company’s initiative to bring advanced automation to agriculture in an effort to make farming more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Central to TerraClear’s innovation is the TC80 Rock Picker.

TerraClear’s funding for advanced stone removal

This device, which can be affixed to a variety of machinery types, is designed to efficiently remove hundreds of stones from fields within an hour. Paired with advanced technology, the device makes the once laborious task of large stone removal more manageable and efficient—an approach that aligns with TerraClear’s broader mission of revolutionizing farming practices to enhance productivity.

In addition to the development of rock pickers, TerraClear continuously refines its proprietary software and artificial intelligence, assisting in both mapping stones and strategizing routes. The company also offers comprehensive stone management services using advanced drone technology for field mapping, dubbed as ‘Rock Map,’ and priced at $4 per acre.

In a nod to Amazon’s initial business strategy, TerraClear seeks to provide specialized rock removal services while simultaneously crafting a multifunctional agricultural services platform. Mainly operating in Minnesota and Iowa, the company boasts roughly 100 clients, and is currently exploring autonomous machinery and planning to test a new stone-picking machine in the summer season. To date, the company has raised a total of $53 million in funds and employs a team of approximately 40 dedicated staff members.

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